Rink Rules


No profane language or behavior

No gum chewing

No outside food or beverages are allowed unless you have a scheduled birthday party

No Alcohol allowed on premises  (Parking lot or inside the Skating Rink building)

You may not leave the building with skates on

No in and out privileges

We reserve the right to inspect all bags

We also reserve the right to deny entrance to anyone who seems under the influence or reserve the right to ask you to leave if your actions 

inside the rink are inappropriate.


Dress Code:

No profane graphic T-shirts

No hats or loose head coverings

No bare feet

Shirt and shoes are required to enter the facility


Do's and Don'ts of the Rink:

No racing, tagging, or roller derby type skating

Must have skates on to enter the skating rink area

No strollers allowed on the skating floor

Skaters cannot carry any other person while skating, or in the lobby area

No food or drink is allowed outside of the snack bar area

No sitting or stopping on the skating floor


Do Not Skate if:

You are pregnant

Have been instructed by a Doctor to avoid physical activities

Have a heart condition

Have a respiratory condition