Birthday Parties

Private Birthday Parties 
Public Skate Birthday Parties
Reservations Required ~ Minimum 7 Days Notice Suggested

 Private Birthday Party:

 $275 plus tax,  1-1/2 Hr. Party Event

 $330 plus tax, 2 Hr. Party Event


     EXTRA Skating Tickets:  $10 each

     Bring your cake, table service, catered pizza

     PURCHASE all beverages at our SnackBar

     PLEASE NOTE:  On certain very busy days, you will skate first and then celebrate in a private room.    


Public Skate Birthday Party:       

 $25 Cleanup Fee may be charged and is Non-Refundable.

  2 Hour Party Tickets:  $9 per skater (all ages)

  Bring Cake, Cupcakes, Tableware,     

  Catered Pizza Approved

  PURCHASE   ALL   beverages   at our Snack Bar      

  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED which includes how many will be celebrating, both skaters and non-skaters.  Thank you.

 PLEASE NOTE: If your party exceeds 15,or is extremely young children, you may be required to celebrate in another room. 


Checks are not allowed for reservations. Credit Card deposit is required. Please contact us for details.



            CALL 479-273-1800